Our Capabilities

Self-service Analytics

By implementing self-service capabilities to support a data-driven culture within your organisation, business users can more easily learn to use and benefit from effective analytics and BI tools, driving favourable business outcomes in the process. We help you create and execute a successful self-service initiative by providing the right guidance on how to get up and run quickly, as well as how to apply the  new tool to your specific business problems.

Data Mining

The more data you have, the better!!

We use data mining tools to uncover patterns inside large sets of structured data to predict future outcomes. Using a wide range of machine learning algorithms, our data engineers  use data mining approaches for a wide variety of use cases to increase revenues, reduce costs, and avoid risks.

Data Integration

We help you increase the value of data through unified systems. Our teams will assist in defining your business requirements to build data integration and ETL processes and will deploy the data integration technology.

Data Warehouse

We help you bring your data together. Our experts will work with you to create a single, unified system of truth for an entire organization. They will design the most appropriate architecture patterns and approach to support both current and future requirements.

We provide implementation expertise on data access, movement, transformation, storage and auditing techniques and methods (i.e. data extraction, standardization, staging, loading, validation, distribution).

Data Governance

We help you build trust in your data by:

Defining your data governance requirements

  • Evaluate and understand the business  current state, roles and responsibilities, policies and processes
  • Define the business needs of a data governance program
  • Assess  and define the critical data domain and attributes

Developing a data governance framework

  • Develop data governance charter, policies and processes, including guidelines on how to enforce rules and manage conflicts
  • Develop data governance organizational structures along with their roles and responsibilities, governance council, working   groups and data stewards

Implementing a data architecture practice

  • Develop a roadmap with short-term wins and long-term milestones
  • Provide guidance and support for change management, education, communication and training efforts
  • Provide guidance and support in the execution of data governance projects

Data Quality Management

Our data quality solutions are driven from the simple principle of ‘first time correct’. We focus on the client’s most important data assets and ensure our solutions address the root cause of any quality issues – so that the data is correct when it is first created. Our experience has shown that organizations can never get in front of their data quality issues if they only use the ‘find-and-fix’ approach.

Machine Learning

Machine learning starts with data—the more you have, the better your results are likely to be. Having lots of data to work with in many different areas lets the techniques of machine learning be applied to a broader set of problems. Our experts are comfortable working with complex machine learning algorithms, for example, and they also have a strong sense of which of these algorithms are likely to work best in different situations. Our team will also create and test models before deploying them.

Artificial Intelligence

Because Our Data engineers can work on huge amount of data and build algorithms to look for patterns, they can help you create unique possibilities. We create AI systems  that can probe complex data to learn and perfect specific tasks normally requiring human intelligence. We can improve the performance of existing analytic technologies hence giving  you better vision, better understanding of your business.

Business Intelligence

We are experts in Business Intelligence!! We  leverage software and services to transform data into actionable intelligence that influences organizational strategic and tactical business decisions. We are comfortable working with different BI tools  including Microsoft, Qlik, Oracle BI, Tableau and  Cognos. Our  data engineers are all certified BI users and will readily analyze your organizational raw data to support decision-making processes no matter which BI platform you are using.

Data Marketing

Data marketing is definitely not (just) about advertising and programmatic ad buying. Nor is it just about campaigns .

Having big data doesn’t automatically lead to better marketing. We can think of big data as a secret ingredient, raw material and an essential element. It’s not the data itself that’s so important. Rather, it’s the insights derived from big data, the decisions we make and the actions we take that make all the difference. Implementing data marketing means both understanding the data you already have and being aware of the data you can gather, as well as analyze and apply this data to improve your marketing efforts.

We wrangle big data, aggregate data from different sources, develop algorithms, and monitor the entire market to gain knowledge that you can put to work in reducing costs and increasing profits.

Loyalty Programme Designs

What are you doing to keep your customers coming back to your business?

Are you rewarding your loyal customers? How do you take happy, satisfied customers into loyal brand evangelists? How do you use positive social media reviews, glowing tweets, and Instagram mentions to propel your brand’s growth?

With an abundance of customer data at your fingertips, we help you leverage the data to grow your business. We provide insight in customer behaviour to build effective loyalty programs.

With key customer insight we elevate your organisation’s impact in the marketplace, driving a better customer experience and influencing business strategy.

Change and Project Management

As project managers, we partner with you to fast track your IT projects. We understand the importance of delivering success as you define it. We serve as a trusted advisor and do not hesitate to initiate difficult conversations if they are critical to project success.

You access talent with the specialist knowledge to manage your particular project. You get to tap into a greater pool of ideas and ways of thinking. Hiring talent who spend their whole time elsewhere gives you this! Ideas that have worked previously, honed and filtered for success at your disposal.

You only pay for what you use. You get to tap into expertise and experience when you need it. No long-term commitments or need to increase your headcount. It is the ultimate flexible and agile Project Management solution.

Data Regulations

Data security compliance is more vital than ever.

As the demand for data continues to grow, so does the frequency of data movement. This means data is increasingly vulnerable to loss, leaks and theft.

Security regulations are in place for a reason—misunderstanding current data security standards could lead to a costly data breach.

We understand that the challenge of compliance and the risk of noncompliance are important issues for our customers and prospects. We are here to help answer some of the lingering questions affecting companies today. We help prepare your organisation for compliance.