Salesforce revolutionized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by leveraging the power of the cloud. Tableau puts that rich customer data to work by providing analytics for everyone in your organization.

Blend Salesforce data with other types of data for a deeper understanding and increased visibility into opportunities. With Tableau, you can provide your entire sales force, channel team, and executives with secure, up-to-date, customized views of data—even through browsers and mobile devices.

When it comes to sales metrics, everything from your pipeline to your revenue is mission critical—so your analytics solution needs to be fast, easy and talk seamlessly with your entire data ecosystem.

Saving time in every step of your sales data workflow is fundamental. From accessing and analyzing complex data sets, publishing interactive dashboards, and sharing across your organization, for your sales data to be impactful, the insight-to-decision process must be swift.

Use these 5 tips for boosting your pipeline with Salesforce data:

1. Connect to Data Everywhere
2. Blend Salesforce Data with Other Data
3. Answer Big Questions with Better Visualizations
4. Use your Data in the Field
5. Put Data Findings Everywhere

Nobody understands decision-making better than sales people. In today’s marketplace, how fast is the speed of business, actually?

The hallmark of data-driven sales teams is the ability to see and understand data analysis at the speed of thought—allowing for the asking and answering of questions as fast as salespeople and business leaders can think of them, even against multiple large data sets. What number can you hit? What deals can you close? What regions matter most today? Don’t limit your decision-making; for maximum results, sales performance demands flexibility and finesse from their people, their processes and most critically, their data.